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Unmanned Aerial Target Drone Technologies for Today's Militaries


AeroTargets International (ATI) offers the most comprehensive portfolio of Aerial Target Drones for various types of military air defense training and testing, unmanned RDT&E missions, and all ancillary mission payload equipment required to ensure realistic threat representation operations over land & sea, and in all weather for today's militaries worldwide.


ATI's extensive line of aerial target drones include the ATX and ETX Series, and the CTX Series of small-UAS (s-UAS) targets, which are all used to provide a capable and cost-effective method of training personnel in the familiarization and use of Counter-UAS (C-UAS & C-sUAS), SHORAD, medium and long-range air defense weapon systems and for dedicated RDT&E missions.


ATI also provides full technical and support services for its entire product range to Defense Departments & Ministries on their behalf and to help weapons manufacturers complete the testing and validation of their own systems anywhere in the world.


These services include:


  Aerial Target Engineering, Manufacturing & Payload Integration

  Aerial Target Operations & Support

  SwarmTX Real-Time Small-UAS Asymmetric/Swarming Simulation

  Counter-UAS Training, Testing & Evaluation

  Red Team Consulting & Scenario Development






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