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Mosquito ATX Remotely Piloted Aerial Target Drone


The need for a realistic and affordable low-subsonic "US DOD Group 3" sized aerial target for air defense weapon system testing and training is greatly needed. In these days of limited budgets, our cost effective multi-role Mosquito ATX is a reliable all-weather unmanned aerial target aircraft that can be configured with different mission payloads to simulate various types of air defense threats such as  attacking aircraft, missiles and newer more dynamic asymmetric threats such as armed and unarmed UAS/UAV systems.

The Mosquito ATX features a flexible open-architecture internal and external payload layout for easy integration of specific customer payloads and can carry all industry-standard forms of aerial target payload enhancements including tow targets which dramatically increases the capability of the system over others. Combined together with its affordable acquisition, operation and service costs and our very capable SAPPHIRE Aerial Vehicle Management System for automated/waypoint based and manual flight command & control, the multi-role Mosquito ATX is the perfect choice for all versions of short range air defense training and RDT&E testing needs worldwide.


Mosquito ATX General Specifications


Dimensions: Length: 2.94M (9.65 FT) Wing Span: 3.20M (10.5 FT)

Maximum Payload/Fuel (Combined): Up to 25.0 KG (55.0 LBS)

Internal Payload Volume: .08M (2.8 FT)

Wing Tip Payloads: Maximum 3.0 KG (6.6 LBS) Each Side

Air Speed: 35 Knots (With flaps deployed) to 130 Knots

Endurance: Up to 6 hours (Depending on fuel tank size used)

Operational Range: 80KM (SAPPHIRE AVMS BVR)

Launch Methods: Catapult & Fixed Landing Gear

Recovery Methods: Belly, Fixed landing Gear, Parachute

Aerial Target Payloads & Other Options: IR HOTBOX Enhancers,

SGP-Smoke Generator, Acoustic & Radar MDI, Laser Reflectors, 12/120-

Tow Target Banner, Flare & Chaff Dispensers, Passive & Active RCS Enhancers, Precision Altimeter (Sea Skimming), EO/IR Gimbal, SAR, LIDAR, EW, Fixed Landing Gear, Parachute


For more detailed Mosquito ATX information please [click here] for a brochure




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